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Sell Your Car Fast: Discover the Top 6 Places in NSW

Selling your car can be easy when you know where to go. While posting a “For Sale” sign on your dashboard might work in some cases, there are now online options available that offer greater exposure and more cash for your car.

With a whole heap of car dealerships, online platforms, and car selling websites, finding the best place to sell your car in Australia can be a puzzle. Here are the top places from our experience in the car buying industry to sell your car.

Where to Sell Your in NSW, Australia

1. Cash For Cars Companies

Cash for cars services are your express lane to selling unwanted vehicles. They make a quick offer, often arriving the same or next day to finalize the deal. The advantage? They buy vehicles in any condition – from new to written off cars. You might not get as much cash as a private sale, but you’ll save time and money listing your car on sites like Ebay that charge commission on sales. Cash for car companies also offer free car removal and towing so you won’t have to worry about driving your car to get it sold. Another advantage is you’ll never have to wonder: how much will I get for my car? They’ll give you quick quote with one inspection of the vehicle! Best of all you can go get a quote online by filling out our form or give our sales team a call if you prefer.

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2. Car Buying & Selling Websites

Online car platforms like Carsales.com.au, Drive.com.au, and CarsGuide.com.au offer the convenience of bringing buyers and sellers into one place. Prospective buyers on these platforms are actively seeking cars and more likely to be ready to buy. Plus, you can get free valuations. However, selling fees and competing with other sellers makes selling a your car for a good price more difficult. Also if your car model is older, damaged or not in demand it can be harder to sell for a good price.


3. Car Dealerships

Selling to a dealership is a quick and easy option for newer cars. They’ll inspect your car and pay you on the spot. They also offer you trade-in options if you’re looking to buy a new car. The downside is you’ll usually get less compared to selling privately and they’ll only accept working cars that are in demand. So your old or damaged car often won’t be accepted by a car dealer. Another downside is that free car removal is not included, so if you can’t drive your car to the dealer yourself, you’ll have to pay extra for towing.


4. Online Marketplaces

Platforms like eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace can work, but you might encounter more time-wasters and low ballers. You also need to assess your car’s value on your own as they don’t have valuation tools. Ebay and Gumtree also have listing fees and commissions, so even if you do sell your car, you’ll lose out on a portion of the profits.


5. Social Media

Sharing your car on social media sites like Facebook can bring inquiries from people that you know and are familiar with, however it relies on having a large network of friends and family that are active on the platform. It’s a more personal method of selling your car as you’ll often already know the buyer or have mutual connections. However, the amount of people you can reach is limited so you might have trouble selling your car if your post isn’t seen by the right people.


6. Car Auctions 

Auction sites offer a wide buyer pool, potentially increasing the chances of selling your car for a higher than average price, usually within a week. However, auctions may yield lower values depending on interest from bidders and involve auctioneer fees that reduce final proceeds. There’s also limited vehicle inspection opportunities for buyers, which means a lower selling price to account for the extra risk.


Why you should sell to a cash for cars company

To get the best price possible and the convenience of a quick and seamless sale, sell your old or damaged car is to sell to a reputable cash for cars company such as Metro Car Removal.

At Metro Car Removal, we’ll make the process quick and easy, giving you cash in hand as soon as your car is removed. We take all your write off car regardless of make, model or condition giving you the best price possible.

No waiting around or haggling with buyers, once you accept our quote we come to take away your car on the same or next day. Contact us in the form above and our team will get back to you soon!

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