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Car Engine Oil Leak Cause What To Do Next? Read Here For Super Tips

Oh no! The driveway is covered in unsightly, oily spots, your engine is emitting smoke and a burning odour, and the oil light on your dashboard is flashing on and off. It sounds like it might be an engine oil leak. Unfortunately, these problems are challenging to overlook and indicate a serious issue you cannot […]

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Uncovering The Dirty Tricks Used By Some Scrap Car Removal Dealers NSW

Car removals and cash for car yards and scrap metal dealers are invariably stereotyped as sneaky individuals who are out to get the better part of every deal. At Metro Car Removal Sydney, we are trying to expose the double-dealing activities of some scrap metal dealers. But unfortunately, these businesses are often represented by shady […]

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How To Deal With Abandoned Cars On My Property In Sydney

Seeing a strange car parked in your vicinity might initially be acceptable for about an hour or two. But, if the car stays there for a long time, and worse, no one comes back to claim it, it will eventually become an annoyance. Simply call Metro Car Removals Sydney to pick up the abandoned car […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Scrap Cars To A Dealership In Sydney Read Here

Car dealership companies, by definition, are designed to buy and sell new vehicles and slightly used autos. Therefore, this business goal would imply that fully depreciated cars are the last on the list in terms of priority level. It may come out as a surprise, but don’t be. Business models’ purpose is to achieve specific […]

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What Happens After Your Car Reaches Metro Car Removal Wrecking Yard?

Thanks for stopping by! You likely have a scrap automobile on your property if you’re reading this article, taking up space for years. Now that you’ve decided to take it to the renowned scrapyard or wrecking company, somewhere you’re unsure about how to scrap it. Many people believe that scrapping involves an automobile getting crushed […]

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Sell Your Car For Parts In Sydney NSW – Highest Cash Offer For Cars

If you wish to sell your car for parts, there are numerous ways to do the same. You can choose to deal with a scrap car buyer or wrecker who will purchase the whole vehicle from you at once; or, remove individual parts from the car yourself and sell them all separately. Choosing the second option […]

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How Can I Sell My Scrap Car For Cash In Sydney NSW

Looking at the run-down automotive sitting in your garage can be frustrating. It is a waste of space and an eyesore–plus, it collects dust. If you want to get rid of an old automotive, there are a few ways to do it. It can be sold, scrapped, or given away for charity. Metro Car Removal […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Selling Your Car To Wreckers In Sydney Ultimate Guide

There can be multiple reasons to sell off your car: it can be old and repairing it can be costly. Or you might simply feel like it’s time for a change. Once you’ve made the decision to Sell Your Car, the best option is to go to the car wreckers. We at Metro Car Removal […]

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Sell Your Cars For Cash In Parramatta NSW 2150 Metro Car Removal

Parramatta is a major commercial suburb which is located in the state of NSW. Selling your unwanted cars, trucks, utes, 4wds, and buses is easy with Metro car removals Sydney NSW. The analysis of car ownership indicates 34% of Parramatta households in Parramatta have access to 2 or more vehicles. (according to Parramatta city profile). […]

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COVID 19 Safety Regulations FAQ Metro Car Removals Sydney & Cash For Cars

Due to the rapid increase in the Coronavirus cases in NSW  Metro car removal like to assure we take pride in placing the safety of our customers and staff members first. We follow all the best practices recommended by the  Safeword NSW Is The Car Removal Yard Still Open? A) Yes, we are still open […]

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