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  • 2022'S Best Rated Cash For Cars Company
  • We Pay Cash Up To $9999
  • Cars, Trucks, 4wd, Ute, Wagon, Van, Tractor & Bus
  • Unwanted, Old, Junk, Damaged Or Scrap Cars

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Metro Car Removals Pays The Highest Cash For Cars In Sydney & Same Day Car Removal

Your unwanted or scrap car can get cash up to $9999 on the Same day anywhere in Sydney!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re planning to sell your old car for some cash in Sydney. We at “Metro Car Removal” can offer you up to $9999 cash for cars in Sydney right at your doorstep.

We buy all types of vehicles such as cars, utes, vans, SUVs,s, and 4wds. We are one of the biggest and busiest car removals firms in the city that always pays you the highest possible price for your car, and also does it speedily on the same day.

Your Local Cash For Cars Company Near You Who Pay The Highest Rates For Unwanted Vehicles

At Metro car removals, we start by understanding our client’s needs. Once we know we then work out the best time and price we can offer. Our goal is to offer stress-free & friendly car removal service to our clients in Sydney and the surrounding. We cover all regions including Sydney West, East, Northern Beaches, Woolongong, Inner West, Great Western Sydney, North Shore, Macarthur, and The Hills.

Top Rated Car Removals Company In Sydney – Sell Your Unwanted Automotive With Confidence

Metro car removal will help you earn some cash, but you also get a chance to upgrade to a newer vehicle. Isn’t that great? recycling junk cars also reduce your worries about how to get them passed in the next roadworthy test. It also improves your car value as you can successfully remove rusted vehicles lying stubbornly in your yard for years. It’s more productive for you!

Do You Need A Title Or Registration For Your Car?

Having a title is not a requirement but is preferred. We at Metro cash for cars also accept other proof of ownership. You can ask our team of experts about other documents we accept. They will surely help you at the time of the quote by phone. If you are selling the car with title or registration you need to cancel the registration by submitting a notice of disposal form.

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Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars

If you've got an old car that needs to be removed from your garage, driveway, or yard

Car Removal

Car Removal

We are an expert in buying all makes and models of cars

Sell Your Car for Cash

Sell Your Car for Cash

We are top paying car removal service that pays top dollar

Cash for Unwanted Trucks

Cash for Unwanted Trucks

Disposing of your unwanted trucks can be cumbersome, long-drawn, and expensive

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We get you

The biggest reason to dump your old rusted car is that it will get you good money in return! Yes, we’re right. By selling your old car to Metro for cash, you can not only save money that you would otherwise pay as a towing fee but can also earn top dollar from us.

You can also free up valuable space in your home or commercial establishment. It will also make it a much better place as you will remove that eyesore permanently. You also save yourself from expensive and repetitive repairs and insurance charges.

Commercial establishments can sell their aged vehicle fleets in one go and earn thousands of dollars from us. They can upgrade to newer fleets seamlessly. We pay cash right at your door and offer same-day removal. FREE Paperwork completed, Fast & Easy Service… more info regarding paperwork and relating to used car selling visit RMS NSW.

2022’s Best Rated Cash For Cars Company In Sydney NSW

Cash Up To $7000  Any Make & Model Vehicles

We are one of the biggest, busiest, and most reliable “cash for cars” in Sydney with years of hands-on experience in delivering the best customer service and more cash for your car.

We take care of all your accidents, junk, old, used, not working, and unwanted vehicles that are not worth registering anymore.

Running or dead, fade up, worst possible condition, don’t wait even for a second, give us a call or just fill up a short “Get a Quote” form and receive a quick quote for your unwanted ute’s, cars, trucks, vans, and four-wheel drives.

Ours is a friendly and quick service across Sydney with top dollars up to $9000 paid in cash.

We cover all Sydney suburbs and if you want to experience a really reliable service with no service too small or too hard for us, give us a call, and we soon guarantee you satisfaction “within an hour” pickup service.

We remove your unwanted vans, trucks, scrap cars, and junk 4×4’s 100 percent free of charge.

Our USPs!

  • Service at your convent time
  • We readily buy all types of models and vehicles. No roadworthy certificate required
  • Free no-obligation quotes given
  • We pay top dollar
  • We come to you
  • It’s easy and stress-free
  • 15 + years experience
  • Friendly service
  • No Road Worthy / Dead or Alive/ No Registration
  • We come based on your time & convenience
  • Same-day car removal service

Honest  & Reliable Car Removals Service NSW Wide

At Metro Car Removal Sydney we offer you top cash for car service that will get you top dollar for your unwanted car, truck, van, ute, 4WD, SUV, tractor, and much more. Even if it is a last-minute decision to sell your vehicle we can organise a truck quickly for a pick up anywhere in Sydney NSW.

Another specialty of our cash for cars service is that we offer you completely free towing and quick same-day service. We ensure easy and fast unwanted car removal that takes all the hassles of removing junk cars. We purchase all Korean, Domestic, European, and Japanese models. We always pay the best price for various Japanese models such as Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Lexus, Isuzu, Subaru, Tesla, and Mazda. We also buy Ford, Mercedes, Landrover, BMW, Honda, and numerous other brands.

You should be present at the time of pickup in order to provide us a proof of ownership before we hand over cash for cars.

You can provide us State ID or your driver’s license along with your old car’s paperwork. If you have a title in your name, you may sign the title and designate any person to do the transaction for speedy car removal on your behalf through a copy of your ID and a signed permission note.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Many cash for car firms in Sydney have tons of hidden gotchas. Even little fees may add up and may make selling your rusted or scrap car to them even less profitable. We don’t do that at all. There are no fees-no towing charges, no administration charges, etc. We just want to purchase your car and ensure its speedy removal with no fuss.

Why Choose Metro Car Removal SYDNEY?

Junk car removal is good for our environment if it’s done properly. Doing it in the wrong way will definitely do more harm than good. For instance, old cars contain various pollutants like oil, gasoline, and other toxic air conditioning gases. If these cars are disposed of in an improper way it can cause irreparable damage to the environment. The car industry has been pushing the government of NSW to bring the cash for the clunkers scheme which will get rid of the old cars and improve road safety and the environment.

We do our junk car removal business most ethically and sustainably. We surely ensure safe junk car removal including its expert degassing of air-conditioning gases so that there’s no damage to the environment. You can surely rely on us for securing speedy cash for cars as we won’t do anything harmful to our environment.

metro car removal truck

Ownership Of The Old Car Or Any Other Vehicle

Before you call our team for junk car removal, remember to keep all vital documents that can establish your ownership of your car.

We cannot legally purchase junk or old cars except for their owners. So keep all ownership papers that can suitably establish you as the real owners before we offer you cash for cars. This will definitely save you time and unnecessary hassle.

black car

Damaged Car Is No Longer A Liability!

Your junk car is no longer a liability as we offer cash for cars on the same day at any place in the city. If your car has become a huge eyesore in your garage or front yard, call us for its removal and we promise to pay you cash for cars.

Your old car doesn’t have to sit for the garage gathering dust and occupying valuable space. Trust our team can quickly cart it away and pay you good cash for cars than you think of. There’s no better deal than this, right?

damaged car

We Accept All Makes And Models, Old Or New

There is no manufacturer we won’t accept. Whether you own a Toyota, Lexus, Ford, BMW, Isuzu, Nissan, Mercedes, Honda, Subaru, etc, we will gladly travel to your place to remove it for free.

Whatever the condition and age of your car or any other vehicle, it doesn’t matter when you call us.

We readily accept any model, any condition. This means whether you have used a truck, scrap car, damaged jeep, wrecked van, accidental commercial vehicle, etc, we will quickly perform free pick up that puts cash in your hands.

metro car removal picking up car

When you’re ready to get rid of your driveway or yard free of junk, or are just helpless in selling your used car, give us a call and our team will be there this afternoon in a hurry.

Contact Metro Car Removal for a fast and Hassle-Free Car Removals Service.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Selling the car is easy since we at Metro buy vehicles in any condition.  Some of the car conditions we buy: second-hand cars, used, old, rusted, accident, damaged, scrap, junk, rubbish, dumped, abandoned and engine problem, etc. Please note if you have a car without an engine just a body call us to check. In some cases, we will not buy car bodies alone.

Metro Express Car Removal is proud to offer Sydney that service.

For 20 years we’ve been helping Sydney get rid of its unwanted cars, 4WDs, and trucks by removing them and recycling them as scrap metal.

Metro Express Car Removal will solve your problem and take the hassle off your hands. You will get the highest quality service to tow your unwanted cars for cash in Sydney.

The term cash for cars is where when a buyer pays cash for the vehicle which is dismantled or recycled for used car parts or scrap metal. In Sydney, both cash for cars is also related to car removal for wrecking and breaking. We currently working with many digital currencies providers to accept digital coins or currencies for cars. At this point, we do not accept digital currencies or Bitcoin.

Yes, you can sell your car without the RWC or roadworthy certificate. A roadworthy certificate is issued after a mechanic inspects the car and issues a certificate which is also called PINK SLIP in NSW.  At Metro car removal we offer on-the-spot cash payment for the car in any condition with or without the pink slip. Our car removals or car takeaway service will come to you and pay on the spot.

Yes, our car removals service is operating as usual across Sydney NSW. We come to your doorstep to pick up the car and follow all the safety measures required. As per the requirement, our service is ZERO contact.

Why not yes, we pay cash for electric cars as we pay for diesel, petrol, or hybrid cars. Top dollar payment paid on the spot for any type of electric vehicle.

Yes, at Metro car removal all our drivers are registered and hold a driver certificate from Fair Trading NSW. In order to provide car removal service we need to hold an operator license, scrap metal exemption certificate, tow truck assessment report, and towing number plate.

The price of an old or used tractor depends on the condition, make, model and rego. Give us a call or enquire online with the full details to receive an estimate.

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Service history or repair ( its an advantage if you have one)
  • Car keys all sets
  • Your driver’s license

Note: If your car is currently under finance, you’ll need to let us know the finance amount owing with the proof of letter. Please let us know in advance when you are seeking a quote 

Some of the client enquiries are outlined below

From: Carlos
Suburb: Leichhardt

Message: I'd like a quote for a 2000 Toyota Camry Conquest Auto V6

We have a 2003 Volvo XC 70 with a gearbox problem. Very well serviced, lots of good parts and 3/4 tank of petrol. Tyres are in good condition. The car is at the repairer, so we need about 20 mins warning to get there. We have a blue slip.
Looking forward to getting a quote.

Name: Vatsal

Location: Sydney

Note: Cash for Car Dealers are no longer allowed to pay Cash for Scrap, Old Car. This was made illegal in  November 2018. and could involve fines of up to $30,000. Now Payment can be made via Electronic Transfer & Cheque only. We cannot pay instant cash anymore.

COVID-19 At Metro Car Removal Sydney like to assure we take pride in placing the safety of our customers and staff members first. We follow all the best practices recommended by the  Safeword NSW.

Metro car removal is a registered name and we do not represent any other dealers nor represent names like OZcashforcars or OZcarremoval.

The Highest Customer Reviews Star Rated Car Removal Company In Sydney

Metro car removal is one of the best cash for cars companies in Sydney. Our overall 4.8-star rating proves that.  Check our customer reviews on Google and

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Nancy Cavaleri:
Very quick and easy to deal with. Price was fair, they came when they said, took the car and made prompt payment. The tow truck driver was also very pleasant and courteous.Would happily recommend Metro Car Removals.

Charlie McNeill:
Super fast pick up and payment! Really friendly service from the office and tow truck driver! 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to get rid of their old car 😊