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Is Your Car Past Its Prime? Look Out for These 5 Signs!

While there are several answers to this question, the facts speak for themselves. 71% of the people who were seriously injured in a car crash in the last five years in Australia were driving a car 10 years or older. Further cause for alarm is the number of young people driving these particularly old cars.

The Australian New Car Assessment Program has gone so far as to suggest that cars made before 2002 must be simply taken off the road. In light of these facts, it’s well worth considering if your old car is indeed too old. Here are a few things you need to look out for.

10 Years Or Older

The accepted adage is that our old cars are rock solid when it comes to durability. This myth has continued to persist despite years of research and innovation in safety improvements. Organisations like ANCAP have regularly conducted tests and heavily promoted the fact that newer cars come with advancements like ‘electronic stability control’ to protect the passenger.

The message that these trusted organisations are putting forth is one worth giving a second thought to. If your car is 10 years or older, likely, it hasn’t been able to keep up with renewed safety standards. While this is not quite a debate about the craftsmanship of our old cars, it is very much a debate about your safety. In such a case, it is very necessary to reassess if your car can keep up with today’s road safety standards.

Beyond Normal Wear And Tear

While it is very normal for a vehicle to accrue some normal wear and tear through the years, some things need to be seriously looked at. These are particularly unfortunate situations like floods, fires, or accidents. If in such a condition, it is good to reassess the situation every few years. Something you thought is not a problem at the given moment can get worse over time, so check up on it at regular intervals.

Further still, while some damage can be good enough for you to drive, for the time being, they might be quite fragile. This can get worse or completely break down as the vehicle ages. This is a strong threat if the part in question is vital. You need to look at the car after a certain amount of time. Consider scrapping a car with such kind of damage for something newer and safer.

Not Up To Pollution Standards

None of us have been protected from the rising concerns over carbon emissions and alarming greenhouse gas levels. There is no denying that our cars have been huge contributors to the problem. There is also simply no denying that older cars contribute far more to the problem. A car built to emission standards of yesteryears is a hazard on today’s increasingly polluted roads.

Furthermore, consider the country’s stance on the future of these emission standards. With increased focus on improving the efficiency of light vehicles and reducing dependency on fuel, the country is moving towards creating greener roads. This could include a proposal to ban particularly polluting vehicles, especially in urban zones. Do your part and assess if your car is harming your community and if it is then why not scrap car for cash?

Look Out For The Warning Signs

Driving some cars is simply too dangerous to continue. If your car is particularly old, we would strongly advise looking out for certain warning signs. Significant repairs especially to crucial parts like the engine and transmission need to be addressed immediately. However, if these problems continue, they can be quite the recipe for disaster.

The instrument panel also offers a pretty comprehensive report on key components of your car and it is something you should pay regular attention to. In addition, note any abrupt changes in the brakes, suspension system, and even wheels and tires. Your car might just be telling you it’s time for it to retire. Continuing to drive a car with persistent alarms is unsafe for you and more importantly fellow drivers on the road.

Sitting In Your Yard

Now you might choose to retire your car and simply leave it in your garage or your yard until you’ve figured out what to do with it. This is well and good until you take months or even years to get around to it. We all know the common problems that can arise if we leave a car unused for long periods. These problems are further compounded when a car is older. To start with, exposed to the elements unchecked, the car can face some serious damage.

None of this is as prominent as the threat of rust ravaging some key components. There is also the ever-persistent threat of toxins and hazardous fluids leaching onto the ground and polluting your surroundings. Worse still, a car simply sitting around unattended can invite a rodent or insect infestation. There is no telling what these critters can get up to so it’s better to take care of the problem sooner than later.

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