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How Much Will I Get At The Wreckers for My Scrap Car?

Metro Car Removal Sydney understands that your car may be in scrap condition, but you want the best value for the car. Most scrap car owners have the same question in mind: how much can they expect to receive for their scrap car from the wreckers? The short answer is that different factors will determine the car’s value.

Factors That Determine How Much You Can Get For Your Scrap Car?


The condition of the car is among the primary factors that add to or decrease the value of the scrap car. If your car is in drivable condition, the value will increase as the wrecker can reuse parts of the engine, or possibly sell the car at an auction. If the car is deteriorated with a failed engine, the car will be recycled for its metals, which will also fetch a handsome amount.

Make & Model 

The make and model of the car are also factors. For instance, if you have a Ford Explorer and the vehicle is incomplete scrap condition and will be recycled, the weight of the vehicle is more substantial than a sedan, as there are many more metals to recycle.


The weight of the car is used when a car is in scrap condition and cannot be used for parts or any other purpose. The appraiser will calculate the value of the car in the weight of its metals to provide a value for the car. On average, the metals of a car weigh about two tonnes.

When having your car evaluated, it is essential that you provide as accurate of a description as possible for the vehicle. The appraiser should know the condition of all parts of the car, what’s under the hood, and even the condition of the vehicles tyres.

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How Much Will I Get at The Wreckers for My Scrap Car

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