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Unlocking Extra Cash for Cars this Christmas: Your Ultimate Guide!

With the massive impact of a pandemic and INFLATION, people did what not to overcome & survive. Not only medically but also financially, it hit hard globally. So coming Christmas eve will be the first happily celebrated Christmas post-Covid in Australia and worldwide.  The cost of living is taking a toll on many families across […]

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What’s The Difference Between Hauling And Car Removal? 

Have you always wondered what is the difference between Hauling & Car removal, in fact even towing? We at Metro managed to raise this question with the public and our customers a few times to find out if they understand the difference. The answer is surprisingly 90% thought towing, hauling and car removal are all […]

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What Condition Of Vehicles Does A Cash For Car Company Buy?

If you have an unwanted vehicle gathering dust in New South Wales, you can dispose of it and get cash in return. Instead, you can bring back the curb appeal rather than letting your car become an eyesore to your neighbours.   Here Are Some Cases That May Sideline Your Vehicle For Good:   Flood […]

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Is Sharing Your Vehicle Identification Number [VIN] With Car Buyers Safe?

Is it safe to disclose you VIN to a prospective buyer when selling a car? This is a very common question we hear all the time. People worry that disclosing their VIN might expose their personal information. In our article we’ll explain the potential risks and benefits so that you can make an informed decision. […]

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Australia’s Top 10 Most Scrapped Cars In 2022 By Metro Car Removals

The number of cars on Aussie roads has increased year on year even after the Covid, the increase in fuel prices, and the demand for brand-new cars. Metro car removal has identified the top 10 car brands that have been scrapped the most in 2021 and 2022. The introduction of Electric cars and inflation has […]

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How to Fix a Car Engine Oil Leak – In Depth Guide

Oh no! The driveway is covered in unsightly, oily spots, your engine is emitting smoke and a burning odour, and the oil light on your dashboard is flashing on and off. It sounds like it might be an engine oil leak. Unfortunately, these problems are challenging to overlook and indicate a serious issue you cannot […]

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Uncovering The Dirty Tricks Used By Some Scrap Car Removal Dealers NSW

Car removals and cash for car yards and scrap metal dealers are invariably stereotyped as sneaky individuals who are out to get the better part of every deal. At Metro Car Removal Sydney, we are trying to expose the double-dealing activities of some scrap metal dealers. But unfortunately, these businesses are often represented by shady […]

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Tackling Abandoned Cars: A Guide for Property Owners in NSW

Seeing a strange car parked on or near your property might be ok in the short term. But, if the car stays there for a long time, and worse, no one comes back to claim it, it will eventually become an annoyance. At Metro Car Removal we can help with abandoned cars on your property, […]

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Selling Your Car To A Dealer NSW

Are you looking to sell your car to a dealer? Selling your car to a dealer in NSW can save you the hassle of privately selling or exchanging your vehicle. In this article, we will provide you with tips an to maximize your selling experience and why cash for cars may be a better option? […]

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The Journey of Your Car: From Road to Wrecking Yard

You likely have a scrap automobile on your property if you’re reading this article, taking up space for years. Now that you’ve thought about taking it to a scrapyard or wrecking company, You’re unsure of how it all works. Many people believe that scrapping involves an automobile getting crushed by a massive machine and turned […]

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