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The Value of a Repairable Write-Off in NSW: Unveiling the Price Tag

A car’s fate can be sealed by a variety of mishaps – from floods to collisions, and even fires. In cases of severe damage, insurance companies find themselves with no alternative but to enlist the vehicle in the Written-Off Vehicles Register (WOVW). But once your car is written off and deemed a repairable write off, how much can you sell it for?

First we’ll look at the difference between statutory and repairable write offs in NSW.

What is a Statutory Write-Off

A statutory write-off refers to vehicles suffering from substantial roof, floor, body, serious engine malfunction or other types of damage. These vehicles are more expensive to fix than to buy a new vehicle and deemed as write offs by an insurance company. In NSW once a car is written off it is illegal to re-register it.

What is a Repairable Write-Off

Repairable write-offs, on the other hand, can be repaired. However this will cost 50% to 70% of their market value. Reinstating their registration necessitates adhering to the stringent standards set by the manufacturer. To determine eligibility for this category, insurers scrutinize your car’s value relative to similar models, its condition before the accident, and the mileage it has covered. Repairable write offs do not exist in NSW as all write offs are not elegible to be re-registered.

Selling a repairable write-off

Unfortunately repairable write-offs are not legally recognised in NSW. While you can sell repairable write offs in other states, it’s best to sell your written off vehicle to a car wrecker or scrap dealer.

How much can you get for your write-off car?

If you’re thinking of selling your write-off car, here are the factors that can affect it’s value:

Extent of damage to vehicle

The damage to your car will determine if there are any parts that can still be salvaged and used in other vehicles. Salvage laws vary from state to state so be sure to do your research.

Market Research and Valuation

The demand for your car’s make and model in the on the used parts market will determine the ultimate price of your write off car.

Benefits of selling your write off car

Selling your repairable write-off offers several advantages:

Unlocking Value: Rather than letting your vehicle sit unused, selling it allows you to maximize its worth.

Environmental Impact: Selling a repairable write-off for restoration promotes recycling and reduces the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new vehicles.

Potential Profit: Your write off car can yield you significant profits, especially if it has rare or hard to find parts that are in demand.

How to sell your write off car in NSW

There are a number of places you can sell your car in NSW, below are the main methods.

Private sale

You can opt to list your write off car on online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or used parts websites. You may be able to obtain a higher selling price overall with a private sale, but it is often time consuming and difficult to find buyers for certain parts.

Not to mention the hassle of negotiating with multiple buyers and dealing with payments.

Sell your car to a wrecker or cash for cars company

The best solution is to sell it to a written off car wrecker is to sell to a reputable cash for cars company.

At Metro Car Removal, we’ll make the process quick and easy, giving you cash in hand as soon as your car is removed. We take all your write off car regardless of make, model or condition giving you the best price possible.

No waiting around or haggling with buyers, once you accept our quote we come to take away your car on the same day or the next day.


Can I legally sell a repairable write-off in Australia?

Yes, you can legally sell a repairable write-off in all states except NSW where a written off cars cannot be re-registered.

How much cash can I get for a repairable write off?

You can get anywhere from $150 to 9999 at a car wrecker or cash for cars company for your write off car.

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