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Where To Sell Your Written Off Cars For Cash Sydney

The new law was introduced by the Government of New South Wales (NSW) effective from 31 January 2011 The idea was to improve consumer protection, road safety and to stop theft or stolen vehicles.

Based on the new law if the car is assessed as a total write-off or cannot be repaired then it has to be used for parts or scrap metal and cannot be registered.

These laws apply to NSW light vehicles up to 15 years old, including cars, trailers, caravans, and motorcycles. A light vehicle is a registrable vehicle less than 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM )in weight.

In NSW alone more than 3000 vehicles are written off every year. The main reason for the change of law is in the past many car buyers who buy these cars and cosmetically repair them and sold them at a higher price.

In recent times RTA or now called RMS has been strict with the written off cars. This has given the opportunity for scrap car buyers to buy the written-off Cars for Cash and use them for parts and scrap metal.

How To Sell Your Written-Off Car For Cash?

The first question that you might have is about the definition of a written-off car. Quite simply, it means a car whose unique identification number has been removed from the registration database of the Department of Transport. This happens when the vehicle has undergone an accident and is unsafe on the road without extensive repairs. It needs to be re-registered to be legally driveable on the road.

Cash For Written Off Cars Sydney
Cash For Written Off Cars Sydney

Can You Sell A Car That Has Been Written off In NSW?

However, if you contact Car Removals Sydney services, they will take it away for free and even give you some cash for it. To understand how this Cash for Cars Sydney service works for write-off cars, read on!

What happens Really?

Your car insurance companies can help you in this regard but if the damage is extensive it might not be an economical decision. But you can make some negotiations and settle upon a deal to fix the car completely for re-registration.

However, the car needs to pass a Write Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) Test. This is a time-consuming government affair and always decreases the resell value. Even if it passes WOVI and gets registered, the prices will never be at par with market rates. The car’s history is available online which will significantly reduce the resell value.

How Can I Get The Highest Cash For Written-Off Cars & Repairable Write-Off Cars?

The alternative is to sell your written-off car to any Car Removals Sydney services. These companies take your cars, vans, trucks, utes, 4WDs in any condition. The vehicles can be damaged or rusted, collide with a wall, or met with an accident. The engine and gearbox can be missing, seats ripped off, sides dented, or completely gutted/flooded. Every vehicle has value for them.

These cars are not resold. Damaged off-road vehicles are wrecked in junkyards using sophisticated tools and their metal parts are recycled. This is an environment-friendly business and a licensed company has all the due clearances from the authorities.

All you need to do is call them up and mention the condition of the car for a correct price quote. The model and extent of damage will determine the cash you’ll get in hand. Once you agree, a certain time and date will be fixed and they’ll come that day to tow away the vehicle.

You just need to have the registration papers/ownership documents and a photo ID ready for hassle-free paperwork. You’ll get your cash after putting a couple of signatures. These services are usually quite fast and you can have your garage/driveway cleared in the span of a day.

What Cars Are Considered to Write Off?

  • Structural damage to the car
  • Statutory write-Off
  • Total Loss
  • Written Off Vehicle Registration
  • Uneconomical to repair
  • Repairable write off vehicles
  • Badly Damaged
  • Hail Damaged

All the above conditions are considered as written off cars and at Metro car removals Sydney we offer top cash for all types of Written off vehicles and repairable write off cars.

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