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Notice Of Car Disposal & Vehicle Licence Cancellation Sydney NSW

Don’t put yourself in a position for another’s reckless driving- if you don’t own your vehicle inform Transport for New South Waleswww.transport.nsw.gov.au  immediately.

There can be many reasons why you don’t own your car

  • You have sold your vehicle to another
  • You have sold your car to a wrecker to be dismantled
  • Your car has been stolen
  • Your car has been repossessed by insurance or another party

Whatever ways you look at it you no longer own your car…it’s with another!

What you need to do is report your car to the relevant New South Wales government authority. You have to report the car to the NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

There you can cancel your registration

Why do you need to inform that you no longer own your car?

  • Your car can be in a road accident
  • Can be used in a criminal activity
  • Can be involved in transport/road violations
  • The car has been deemed unfit for the road

If any of the reasons are linked to your car you will be responsible. This will involve visiting the transport authorities, the police station, and even the courts. The process can be complicated, stressful, and be a drain on your time and money. It is never easy to explain that the car is not yours at that time. In certain instances you will be charged with being reckless with your responsibilities which could lead to fines and based on the severity of the offense jail time.

Why are vehicle licenses canceled

  • Not being up to date on payments
  • You have chosen to cancel your registration
  • The vehicle has been written off – not suitable for the road
  • Car doesn’t fit with NSW government road rules

Canceling Your Car Registration In NSW For The Year 2020

If you are a registered user of the vehicle you can cancel the vehicle registration at the time of your choosing. But make sure to follow due NSW government transport procedures.

You will need to locate your Service NSW Centre – and visit there in person to cancel your registration

What you need to complete registration

  • Proof of your identity
  • The vehicles certificate of registration(if possible)
  • A completed and signed Number plates and/or cancellation of registration form
  • Vehicle number plates(if possible)
  • An original letter from your insurance company or police stating the date of the incident- If the vehicle has been written off or been stolen and you want a reimbursement backdated
  • Cancellation payment fee

Information you need to complete the form registration

Car details

  • Registration plate’s number
  • Year built
  • VIN/Chassis number
  • Engine number

Vendor Details

  • Name/Organisation of seller
  • Address
  • Date of removal
  • License/Customer number

New operator’s details

  • Name/Organisation of buyer
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • License/Customer number

The above information will be needed when filling out vehicle registration cancellations forms

If you follow the above tips you will be able to cancel your vehicle registration easily and efficiently. If you don’t have ownership of your vehicle is it is best to cancel it to avoid problems in the future

Do you need help?

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Renew Your Vehicle Registration: It is always important to check your Green slip and vehicle registration expiry dates. You can check the NSW rego online, if it is expired renew them online without fail to avoid heavy fines. If you need information and advice on the assistance speak to Transport for New South Wales.  The Transport for New South Wales timing might be interrupted due to COVID19 check your time before you contact them.

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