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Selling A Vehicle With Expired Registration In NSW

If you are trying to sell your car without registration in Sydney NSW, it can be a tough task. If your car  rego is expired and you’re trying to sell your car, we have put together some tips to help you sell your no or expired rego car.

Plan ahead if your car is still registered

Make sure to consider selling your car at least 3 months before the registration expires, this will give enough time to decide to keep the vehicle or sell. If your car is over 5 years then you need to get a pink slip to register the car in NSW.

If your car is not registered for more than 3 months then your registration will be automatically canceled and it has to be sold as unregistered unless you re-register it. 

Try To Register Your Car Before You Sell It

If the car only needs a simple check and you’re planning to sell the car within a few weeks, then go ahead and obtain a RWC and get it registered. Once registered it is usually easy to sell because many people will not buy an unregistered car.

Buyers may think the rego is expired because there is an issue with the car. If you are looking to register, then pink slip, green slip, and rego cost all need to be considered. If it is a really old or damaged car, it’s not worth it to register the car and a better option to sell it as it is to a wrecker.

Reduce The Price

Getting noticed by serious buyers is important when selling a no rego car. By marking the price down, you are attracting more potential buyers. This is especially important for selling a car without registration as buyers are less willing to pay for a car without rego. 

How Much Is A Car Rego In NSW?

From 1 January each year, vehicle tax for light vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass will increase as part of the annual NSW Treasury approved Consumer Price Index.

Cars, station wagons and trucks

* Registration fees are also payable

Note: Additional vehicle tax applies to business cars over 3,565kg. The above price data is derived from NSW.GOV.AU

How To Sell A Car That Is Not Registered? 

Before selling your unregistered or expired registration car, we recommend getting a quote from your local auto wrecker. If your car is no longer road worthy or is significantly aged you might have already gotten a refund on the registration. In this case selling to a local wrecker or cash for cars company is usually the best choice after.

Typically, auto wreckers offer better compensation compared to a scrap metal dealer, that will only give pay for the scrap value of your car.

Selling a car with expired rego in Sydney NSW is legal as long as any outstanding debt or finance is disclosed to the buyer.

A better way to sell your unregistered car

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