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Sell Your Car For Parts In Sydney NSW – Highest Cash Offer For Cars

If you wish to sell your car for parts, there are numerous ways to do the same. You can choose to deal with a scrap car buyer or wrecker who will purchase the whole vehicle from you at once; or, remove individual parts from the car yourself and sell them all separately. Choosing the second option will take much more of your time and effort, and you might need some additional expertise on removing the parts and their evaluation.

Sell Car For Parts Sydney
Sell Car For Parts Sydney

How Do I Sell My Car For Parts?

Are you looking for a more straightforward process for selling your car for parts? Then you should call Metro Car Removal. We can give you many reasons why this is the best method for parting your vehicle. Apart from the fact that it saves your time and effort, you get saved from removing the part, cleaning it, listing it online, shipping it, and all the other tasks that go along with this tedious process.

One more reason to use Metro Car Removal is that our process is fast. We know that you need some cash if you’re selling the car part, and you can get it from us within a day! It could take weeks to months if you’re selling the car parts individually, so getting money for all your efforts could take a while. So, let us get that clunker out and put cash in your pocket instantly.


Lastly, we guarantee to pay you on top dollar. We’ll offer you a competitive market price for your vehicle, and that’s the sum of money you’ll get. No haggling with our customers over the costs and no hidden charges! Some services make you pay for your car towing or charge some other fees, but we always provide free towing and removal. If you’re looking to remove your vehicle quickly, then we are the ones to call. When you’re ready to sell that junker, give us a call for a convenient car removal process.


Is Parting Or Dismantling Out A Vehicle Profitable?

Parting Your Car For Parts
Parting Your Car For Parts

Dismantling a car for its parts may seem enticing initially, but make sure you think this through. Sure, many aspects of your car might be pretty valuable if they are in good shape. For example, Catalytic converters can get you a couple of hundred dollars alone if they are in working condition. However, when assessing how profitable it might be to sell the car parts individually, there are other considerations that you need to take into account.

To begin with, you need to have a lot of equipment and be handy with them to remove these car parts to sell them. Coming back to the catalytic converter, while that part might be worth a couple of hundred bucks, removing that part is a highly tedious process. You’ll need a torch, a cutting wheel, and a jack (car lift) to serve the purpose. Ask yourself this question before trying to remove it from your old car: Do I know how to get under my car and cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust system? If not, then it’s certainly not worth paying off someone to remove it for you.


Apart from the time and effort needed to remove the parts, it takes hours of your day to research and sell the parts at the right place. Before you can sell a car part, you need to know its actual worth. You’ll need to thoroughly browse the Internet to determine how much a specific part sells for. Once you consider the time you spent to part out a car and research it, we think this process is not profitable.

You have an option to skip the headache when you choose Metro Car Removal. We make an instant offer for your vehicle and have the car removed within a day or two. You’ll get the quoted amount immediately, without even lifting a finger. Leave all the hassle to the automotive experts so that you can enjoy all the extra time and money you have left in your hands!


What About Parting Out Automobiles On eBay?

 eBay is undoubtedly a popular choice for people who decide to part out their vehicles by themselves. This platform provides you access to millions of private buyers who would be interested in the auto parts you are selling. While eBay is accessible, it has some drawbacks too.

For starters, thousands of used car parts are for sale on this platform. Hence, the competition increases, which means that your potential customers will be looking for the best deal. To avoid that, you’ll probably have to lower your prices to make the sale. Next, you’ll have to give eBay a big chunk of your profit as seller fees. They’ll charge you money to list the item and then a percentage of the sales price, post the sale at the backend. Hence, you don’t have much left in your hands.

Then finally, the problem of shipping arises. Car parts are usually heavy and oddly shaped. That causes quite a lot of trouble when you’re shipping them after the sale. You’ll need appropriately sized and shaped boxes or containers. Proper packing materials are essential because the buyer will demand a refund if the part gets damaged in transit. Also, it’s going to cost you a reasonable sum of money. Paying $50 or more to send a piece that is worth $30 doesn’t make any sense. So, leave the shipping to the dealerships that can get significant discounts due to the volume, and give Metro Car Removal a call when you’re ready to sell your vehicle.


Can I Sell My Car To A Scrap Yard For Its Parts?

Sell Car for Cash
Sell Your Car To A Scrap Yard

Most scrap yards are not looking to buy used car parts. These places are typically interested in buying damaged or scrap cars for crushing and recycling purposes. They only focus on scrap metal, so cash offers from these junk car buyers do not provide you with the actual value of your vehicle. If you feel that your car is worth nothing more than a scrap, a junkyard is a viable option. However, a few salvage yards sell parts, and they might offer you a bit more than an average junkyard.

It would be best if you take into account that those auto salvage yards will do all the dirty work for you when selling the car parts, so the amount they offer you will be exclusive of those charges. You can expect to get an offer that is worth approximately 30-40% of the actual value of your vehicle’s usable parts. They’ll spend time removing the parts, cleaning them, and finding customers, so they need to leave room for some profit for themselves as well.


Run A Detailed Vehicle Inspection

If you have made up your mind to go ahead and sell the auto parts yourself via eBay or Craigslist, then there are a couple of things that you should do to prepare. One of those is conducting a detailed car inspection. It would be a good idea to hire a certified mechanic to assist you in finishing this task. Running a thorough inspection serves a few purposes. First, you get to gather key information about your car that will come in handy before you attempt to sell those parts. Make a note of the model and make of your vehicle and the VIN that you will likely need while selling the car parts.

Next, a thorough inspection will most importantly give you an idea of usable parts and their condition. Before selling the parts, you need to know the worth of the parts that are in good condition and worthy of selling. If you have a car that won’t ignite, a little research will help you figure out which parts are good and those that aren’t. Once you are familiar with the condition of the auto parts, it will allow you to begin your research which we just mentioned, to determine the approximate value of each of the parts. Once you have all the information in check, then you can begin listing the auto parts for sale and search for potential buyers for them.



If your thought is something like, “I need to go ahead and sell my junk car for its parts,” now you know all the steps that are involved before you entirely make up your mind to part out the car on your own. Speaking with experience, selling a vehicle for its parts does require a lot of time and effort. Plus, you do need detailed mechanical knowledge to conduct it successfully. If you’re having the slightest doubt you are not suitable for the task, then take it easy! Call Metro Car Removal on 0422 600 833 and let us pay you top cash for your vehicle. We buy cars from all over the country, and we always pay top dollar based on the condition of your car or the parts in it. You’ll get your money within a day or two, and on top of that, you don’t have to spend hours removing the parts and finding suitable buyers for them. Ring us today to get your free quote within minutes!

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How Much Cash You Can Get When Selling Your Car For Parts?

As a wrecker, we sell used car parts. Our rates for unwanted cars are the highest compared to our competitors. Simply don’t believe our word just call us and compare our prices. The price of a vehicle depends on make, model, year, condition, with or without rego. The car can be sold anywhere between $150 to $9,999 depending on the factors mentioned above.


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