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Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Scrap Cars To A Dealership In Sydney Read Here

Car dealership companies, by definition, are designed to buy and sell new vehicles and slightly used autos. Therefore, this business goal would imply that fully depreciated cars are the last on the list in terms of priority level.

It may come out as a surprise, but don’t be. Business models’ purpose is to achieve specific goals, and with that, sometimes owners limit their focus to have a more precise trajectory. That said, this limitation is the first reason why you should not sell your car to them.

Do Not Sell Your Scrap Cars To The Dealership Without Reading This Article In Full

Here are some additional explanations and more reasons to consider further examining the economic loss of dealing with car dealerships.

Why Not To Sell Your Scrap Car To Your Dealer
Why Not To Sell Your Scrap Car To Your Dealer

Secondary Demographics

Are you aware of the term “jack of all trades”? This term pretty much sums up the limitation that’s referred to above. A car dealership is not a segmented service and is primarily focused on attending to people who sell relatively new vehicles.

If dealership ventures say they’re good in all the facets of vehicle level of profitability, they are probably lying. No company’s business model is designed to do a wide variety of things. As a consumer, you must understand that the car industry is vast, and no one can handle all customers’ needs in one business model.

Scrap sellers are considered secondary demographics for them. For example, if you’re a seller of old cars, you’re not their primary target market. Just a heads up, it’s nothing personal but rather an inherent limitation of any service.

The question for you now is whether you are willing to be handled as a supplemental customer. If not, then find better options. For example, go to a scrap car removal company or a salvage car enterprise. These companies designed their business models to let you be their primary demographic.

Hidden Agendas

One of the downsides of being the last priority is the possibility of getting exploited by car dealership companies. Your goal is to sell your car and buy a new one. Their goal is to sell brand-new vehicles.

They understand your necessity more than you could know, and they also have their priority: to sell a car. Therefore, dealers will always come up with an idea to convert you into their primary target market.

They’ll lure you into having a change of heart using the concept of the trade-in value. But unfortunately, what trade-in value provides to you is an illusional perception that your old car is the key to significantly decreasing your new car’s cost.

The problem is not the idea of the trade-in value. The issue is how car dealerships initially use it to take you in as an opportunistic ploy.

Later on, you’re already stuck with unnecessary warranty expenses and excessive dealer fees sooner than you realised. These financial tools will help the car dealership company take back all the trade-in value. In short, it’s bait, and you are the rabbit.

Pricing Policy

As a general rule, dealership entities usually implement wholesale pricing for old cars. This method of pricing will spare them the chance of customers asking for more.

Top dollars are impossible for a car dealership to get. You won’t see your 4wd or automotives to get cash paid amount of $9999. Regardless of the workability of your vehicle, there is no chance the dealer will let you have that price.

The mindset of dealers is this: you need them more than they need you. As stated above, they understand your demand. It’s a relative pattern to change roles in this scenario. You’ll just accept their demands instead of making your own. You won’t notice it because you’re busy fixating on the idea of selling your old car.

Wake up and recognise that car dealers are not the only place where you can sell old cars. Again, there are car removal entities and scrap car value companies. You will get more cash and have better chances of getting evaluated.

Removal entities and salvage companies are not incorporating any standard policy. They usually allow you to make stipulations. These companies understand that there are different needs to be taken care of. They’ll always let you have the floor to avoid lowballing your vehicle’s value.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of being a primary target market?

  • You are ensured to get all the core economic value of the trade you will make.
  • You’ll get a higher rate offer for selling your old car, be it an automotive truck, van, or 4wd.
  • Your customer benefits are not only limited to your expected advantage but they can be augmented. It means that the offered rates can go beyond the stated benefits.
  • There are no chances that you’ll get sidelined and taken for granted.

Can I ask for additional rates when I sell my car at dealerships?

No, you are not allowed to demand an increase in service quality and don’t have the ability to extend your transactions as deemed acceptable by your preference.

Where can I know the legal rights to sell my car in NSW?

To know more details visit Fairtrading NSW

So if you have a scrap car in Sydney is best to speak to a scrap car removal company like Metro car removals and cash for cars Sydney for a hassle-free vehicle removal service.

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